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EBMA to receive IBMA Distinguished Achievement Award

The 2014 IBMA Award nominees were announced last night by Sam Bush and Jim Lauderdale at Music City Roots' new venue, The Factory in Franklin Tn.

photo: Sandra A Phillips

In addition to the nominations for the IBMA Awards, Craig Havighurst announced the recipients of this year's IBMA Distinguished Achievement Awards:

  • Deering Banjos
  • The Delmore Brothers
  • Hillbilly at Harvard
  • Bill Keith  ...and...
  • European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA)

That's right, the European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) is being honoured by receiving a Distinguished Achievement Award.


The Distinguished Achievement Award is made to honour those who have "proven to be forerunners in their particular field of endeavor, and/or fostered bluegrass music's image with developments that will broaden the music's recognition and accessibility"

From the IBMA's press announcement "Since its inception in 1995, the European Bluegrass Music Association has worked to support bluegrass music across borders, both regional and national. The non-profit organization produces a magazine (Bluegrass Europe) for its members, promotes bluegrass festivals held throughout Europe, and holds regular gatherings, known as Bluegrass Summits, aimed at supporting and encouraging the burgeoning bluegrass scene across Europe."

Thw Award will be presented at a Special Awards Luncheon on Thursday, October 2 during IBMA’s World of Bluegrass event. 

Collecting the Award on behalf of the EBMA will be board members:

  • Angelika Torrie
  • Rienk Janssen
  • Chistopher Howard-Williams
  • Chis Keenan
  • Martino Coppo

Angelika and Rienk have both served on the EBMA Board since it's foundation.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the European Bluegrass Music Association then please visit the Membership page.

Stu Vincent

And the winner is / are....

Jean-Philippe Pahud, Switzerland, won the Deering Goodtime Banjo. Congratulations!!! 

It will be delivered to you as soon as possible!

Winners in La Roche-sur-Foron

Everybody there was a winner! And the winning bands are:

#1 The Jumper Cables, CZ

#2 Dunderhead, SE

#3 Springfield, FR

... more information to follow!

Get a Deering Goodtime Banjo for 3€?

Starting now, EBMA is running a competition for one lucky winner to receive a beautiful Deering Goodtime Banjo!

Courtesy of America's premier banjo maker, this Banjo will be raffled off (gig bag included) next Sunday 3 August, during LaRoche Bluegrass Festival in France! Tickets will be sold during the festival from Wednesday evening, 30th July through Sunday late afternoon, 3rd August 2014.

Even if you are not attending this wonderful festival,  you have the opportunity to win via online entry!

Enter and purchase as many tickets as you wish!  For each entry, a ticket (or two) with your name will be placed in the draw!  Each ticket costs €3 (two for €5).

You will be helping to sustain EBMA's efforts in bluegrass and possibly win a beautiful instrument!

Many thanks to Deering Banjos ( for their support!

BUY YOUR RAFFLE TICKET(s) NOW UNTIL Sunday, 3rd August, 5pm!

  • Buy 1 or more single (one) raffle ticket for €3:
  • Buy 1 or more double (two) raffle tickets for €5:

Good luck!!!

Chris Keenan & Angelika Torrie
EBMA board members

EBMA: Working together to support Bluegrass Music across borders.

Urs von Arx and Roli Ambühl accepting for the Country Ramblers (CH)
Marek Macak accepting on behalf of his dad Honza
Petr Kuklik, the other half of the founders of Bluegrass Jamboree (CZ)
Rosta Capek (CZ): The personality of the year 2013 shows off some personality!

All photos courtesy of Robert Bowe. Thanks!

2014 EBMA Bluegrass Pioneers and Personalitiy Awards

Congratulations to this year's receipients of an EBMA Bluegrass Pioneer / EBMA Bluegrass Personality Award, namely:

2014 European Bluegrass Pioneers:

European Bluegrass Personality 2013:
ROSTA CAPEK (Czech Republic)

The Award ceremony will take place during the late concert of the Lonesome River Band on Saturday 15th March 2014, 20:30hrs, as part of the 6th European Bluegrass Summit. Both summit and concert take place at the Hotel OREA Pyramida in Prague.

In 2012 the EBMA Board set up the European Bluegrass Pioneers and Personalities Project (EBPP) to recognise and acknowledge the past and present most influential European musicians, promoters, journalists, DJs, luthiers, experts, and others who contributed, and still contribute, in a relevant and significant way to establish or popularise the bluegrass music genre in Europe, and to create a European bluegrass scene and community.

The EBPPP Selecting Committee
The EBMA Board formed a special Selecting Committee comprising Paolo Dettwiler, Eberhard Finke, Richard Hawkins, Lilly Pavlak, Christian Seguret, and Bruno Steffen, with Martino Coppo as non-voting chairman. The criteria for selecting European Bluegrass Pioneers & Personalities are:

  • To be born in Europe or to have lived in European countries long enough to be considered European ‘naturalised citizens’;
  • To be representative of the European bluegrass culture;
  • To have inspired others to join the European bluegrass community;
  • To have acted in harmony with the principles of the EBMA's mission statement;
  • Pioneers: To have been among the first who had a significant impact on the popularisation of the bluegrass music genre in their own country or area in Europe, with special reference to their popularity and longevity in the bluegrass music community;
  • Personalities: To have promoted or contributed to promote special projects or have reached special achievements during the last year.

Members of the selection committee and serving members of the EBMA board are ineligible for nomination.

Bluegrass Europe has become more and more colourful with the printing market now allowing for a full colour print. At the same time, the EBMA board decided to lower the rates for advertising. Please check out our rates!

EBMA board of directors

Susie Bowe, Italy

Petr Brandejs, Czech Republic

Martino Coppo, Italy

Christopher Howard-Williams, France

Rienk Janssen, The Netherlands

Chris Keenan, Ireland

Dagfinn Pedersen, Norway

Angelika Torrie, Switzerland



Our mission statement:

Working together to support Bluegrass Music across borders.

EBMA's Missions

  • EBMA works towards an integrated European bluegrass scene that enjoys strong, mutually supporting relations with international and national organisations.
  • EBMA promotes and facilitates the sharing of Bluegrass enjoyment across borders (regional or national)
  • EBMA supports bands, fans, musicians, organisations, professionals and everything connected with Bluegrass
  • EBMA is a non-profit, professionally-run, dynamic and inclusive organisation
  • EBMA adopts the core values of IBMA

EBMA's goals:

The European Bluegrass Music Association strives to
a) further bluegrass music in Europe by getting more people interested and involved,
b) further European bluegrass musicians and bands and
c) enhance bluegrass music's image.

This shall be achieved in particular by:
- annual gatherings
- a website as the main means of communication
- contacts between European bluegrass people (networking)

© 2014 European Bluegrass Music Association
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